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The Beginning of the Beginning?
by AnuDLaizare
12th Jul 2020, 9:07 PM
Hello, and welcome all to Purgatory Station!

Seeing as most of you are going to have absolutely NO IDEA what's going on here, allow me to give you the short/short run down.

Purgatory Station is a story revolving around my old space station of the same name on SecondLife. Many of the cast you'll see are actual people's characters (all whom have given their express consent to be featured), as well as some side characters of mine from the game Space Station 13. This is merely just a fun outlet for some of the shenanigans we all got up to onboard the station, as some of these stories were too good not to tell.

Do be warned, however.

This Webcomic will be featuring themes such as indentured servitude, public competetive brawling, non-con sex, illegal science experimentation, piracy and if that's not your cup of tea...then you might just wanna turn around now and head for another part of the universe.

That being said...guest quarters are on levels 6 through 9. Breakfast is served in the mess at 0700 hours every day. And remember, all flight plans must be filed with Ops before embarking or disembarking the station!

Happy reading everyone!